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Please contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney if you think you may qualify. Keep in mind, the amount of time that has passed since the time you were a victim and the outcome of the criminal investigation does not effect your eligibility for this program. Even crimes that occurred years ago, where the perpetrator was never caught may qualify the victims for protection from deportation and a pathway to residency.

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Immigrants who have been victims of serious crimes in the United States can qualify for protection under US Immigration Law. Many of these immigrants who qualify for protection will also be eligible to become residents. Lubarsky Ford, PLLC is committed to helping crime victims get the protection from deportation that they deserve. We are also able to assist family members of crime victims to achieve protection from deportation and residency when they qualify. A non-exclusive list of they type of crimes that can qualify a victim and their family for immigration protection is attached below.

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